AMPFIBIAN Caravan/RV Power Adaptor Mini Blu

The Ampfibian® MINI-BLU safely and legally connects 16A caravan plugs to regular 10A power supplies and offers additional protection from electrocution.
Designed for indoor and undercover use, it allows travelers to power their caravan or motor home in their garage or carport.

The built-in miniature-circuit-breaker (M.C.B.) protects circuits from overloading and overheating; the residual current device (R.C.D.) protects people from electrocution.
The MINI-BLU will not convert 16A to 10A.
The functionality of a connected device may be limited if it is used to its full capacity. Contact Ampfibian for further information.
R.C.Ds will not prevent shock but will minimise the effects by shutting the power off quickly.

240V 10A 2400W circuit breaker
R.C.D. for personal protection (A-type)
Certified to comply with New Zealand electrical standard AS/NZS-3190
IP33 recommended for indoor use
Regular duty L-Class rating
1.0mm 2 conductors
Two year warranty

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