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Best Trade Tools is the ultimate online tool store (you can only purchase through this website) in New Zealand for Builders, Carpenters, Plasterers, Concreters, Bricklayers (Brickies), Tilers, Painters and is part of the Best Building Products Group, owned and operated by people who have been supplying products to the Building and Paint Trades for over 16 years! 

Specialising in Tools including Trowels for all the Building and Paint Trades…….. Drywall Plastering, Exterior Plastering, Plasterboard Fixing, Concreting, Bricklaying, Tiling, Paint and Decorating, Carpentry…..

Some advice regarding items such as Trowels and we find there is a cross over of sizes used by all Trades, for instance 11" to 14" can be used by Drywall/Exterior Plastering/Concreting Trades, you may find the size you are looking for under a different Trade than the one you work in, so check the others out.

We know of Drywall tradespeople that use Concreting Pool Trowels for skimming!

We carry a huge range, added to regularly, of specialised products for the Building and Paint Trades Person to order from the convenience of Home or Building site!

We have been selling Products to the Building and Paint Trades for over 16 years, sourcing Products from some of the largest names in the business, including Kraft, Marshalltown, Wallboard Tools, Hyde, Richards, Intex, Plasterx, Ox,  Stanley, Wooster, Haydn and many more.

As such we offer full Manufacturer’s Warranties and a Return Policy.

All products are shipped directly to our customers across New Zealand via courier from our fulfillment centres mainly in Auckland. We do not have shops - all orders must be done through our website.

Our online store has more Products added weekly so thank you for dropping by and come back soon!

We look forward to doing business with you, our friendly customer service staff are available for you to contact with all your product questions.

Phone: 021 627842


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All prices and delivery charges are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and include GST.