Manners Drywall Painting Red Stilts Adjustable 15 to 23 Inch

Manners 15"-23"  (381mm - 584mm) Adjustable Aluminum Drywall Stilts are an aluminum constructed, dual extrusion, traditional design stilt featuring non slip rubber feet.
Adjustments to height are made by removing the wing bolts, and extending the tubes to the desired length.
The walking motion on these stilts is assisted by a central spring that controls front, back or heel, toe flex.
Built for value and built to last with lightweight (13.95 lbs) 7kg construction and replaceable maintenance parts.
This adjustable 15 inch to 23 inch model is the smallest height stilt we have, and will lift most users to work on ceilings of 8ft to 9ft.
Durable & Light-Weight construction (13.95 lbs) with heavy gauge overlapping aluminum leg tubes for longer life.
Sturdy 225lb. (102kg) load limit
Adjustable metal buckle straps and adjustable heel plates are attached to the stilts for easy adjustments.

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