Flex Vario Giraffe Drywall Sander

Word has spread around the world about the extraordinary qualities of the FLEX Giraffe long-neck sander.

Whatever you use sanding gib plaster boards, or solid polystyrene insulation panels, or preparation ready for painting the Giraffe has become the indispensable problem solver for every painter and plasterer.
This machine is ideally suited for sanding gib plaster boards, cement board, styrene insulation panels, preparation for painting and coatings.
An all-round success.
The round head is ideally suited for fast and effective sanding of large areas with a high material removal rate.
Comes standard with a soft sanding pad, that prevents grooving and scratching.
Right into the tightest of corners and edges.
Soft-start with overload protection.
Variable electronic speed control.
Unique telescoping system with adjustable length from 1330 mm - 1730 mm.
Handle rotates through 360°
Ergonomic design with many different handling possibilities for fatigue-free working.
Fitted with interchangeable heads that are attached and removed with a click.
Includes a unique triangular sander head.
This is optimally suited to sanding corners and edges.
Backing pad with hook and loop face.
The articulating sanding head can be adjusted to every tilt and angle.
Effective dust extraction prevents premature clogging of the abrasive and promotes a healthy, dust-free working environment.
Power input: 710 watt
Power output: 420 watt
Speed without load: 1000-1500 rpm
Corner sander no-load speed: 3000-4500 rpm
Dimensions: 1330-1730mm
Weight: 4.8kg

Included Accessories : Triangular sanding head
Round sanding head
Round Velcro sand paper, grit 60
Round Velcro sand paper, grit 80
Round Velcro sand paper, grit 100
Round Velcro sand paper, grit 220
Triangle Velcro sand paper, grit 60
Triangle Velcro sand paper, grit 80
Triangle Velcro sand paper, grit 100
Triangle Velcro sand paper, grit 220
4 m vacuum hose, antistatic
Rugged carry case

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