Kraft Handle Insert for 1 3/4" Handle with Clips

Insert design provides extra strength at connections Replacement Insert and Clips for Button Handle.
The 8-1/2" insert fits snugly inside a 1-3/4" handle to connect handle to the bracket.
The insert design of the handle provides a reinforced strength at the connection point between handles and brackets.
The double button clips secure the connections, but are easy to release for changing brackets and storing.
Use the 2 double button clips to secure insert to connect handles to brackets or other handles.
This replacement piece works with Kraft Tool Aluminum Handles.
Made in the USA.
Aluminum insert for 1-3/4" non-swaged handles
For use with Kraft Double Tilt Action float brackets
Use to connect handles to Kraft float brackets  
Weight 0.18kg
Length 8.5 Insert, 9.75 overall
Width 2" (5.08cm)
Diameter 9/16" (1.43cm)

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