Hyde Painter's Multi Tool 14 in 1

Scrape paint, spread compound, clean rollers, remove putty and open cracks.
Hammer Head end sets nails.
Plus 4 screw bits in handle to reset screws.
The screw bit drawer is built not to slip out when dropped.
It’s easy to assume that the most useful tools have to be the most complicated and expensive.
Of course, in many cases that’s true, but small and simple can be big, like Hyde’s 14-in-1 multi-tool.
Keep one close by for DIY and you’ll find it’s great for opening paint cans, a mini-pry bar, a door stop, for removing paint roller covers, and screwing and unscrewing all kinds of things.
And that’s all before you get to the bottle opener.

Why buy the 14-1?

HYDE’s 14-in-1 MAXXGRIP PRO takes it another step.
It does it all. Doing all the things the 5- and 10-in-1 do, it also has a contoured blade for various scraping applications.
Use it knocking down over-applied hole filler on crown-molding prior to sanding.
Get away with sanding as little as possible.
Size 3'' 

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