Intex BigMudda Drywall Flat Boxes 3 Sizes

Intex Flat Boxes "crown the joint", consistently dispensing the correct amount of joint compound (plaster) and feather the edges of flat and butt joints in one pass!

Increased capacity of boxes hold approx 40% more plaster than regular flat boxes!

The Intex BigMudda Flat boxes are designed with the optimum capacity to weight ratio, holding the right amount of plaster to keep you on the wall longer without wearing you out; load more joints with less trips to the pump!

Eased cleaning capabilities, using a hinged door with no spring operation for fast and effective cleaning, even with setting plasters.

Made in Canada with a 5 year warranty.

Available in: 8" (203mm), 10" (254mm), 12" (305mm) sizes

All prices are inclusive of GST!


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