Intex Drywall 8" (203mm) Corner Box

Supplies Joint Compound (Plaster) to an attached Intex Angle Head (TIX850) or equivalent, as part of the internal corner Finishing process.

Distributing the correct amount of compound into the internal corners and properly feathering the edges, the Intex 8" (203mm) Corner Box and Intex Angle Heads finish both sides in one single pass!

Built TradeTuff with premium grade USA materials, the extended billet aluminium cone is designed to last a lifetime with the ball joint allowing for flexible positioning of the Intex Angle Heads.

Unique "no swell" gaskets for any solvent or lubricant.

Intex Corner Box Handles are available in 48" (1219mm) TIX831 and Extendable 36" (914mm) to 60" (1524mm) TIX832

Intex Angle Heads are available in 2" (50.8mm)TIX850, 3" (76mm)TIX875, 3.5" (89mm)TIX890

Made in Canada with 5 Year warranty.

All prices are inclusive of GST!

This Item Is Indent Only; Please Allow Up To 6 Weeks For Delivery.


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