Intex Drywall Angle Heads

Used with the Intex 8"(203mm) Corner Box (TIX830), the Intex Angle Heads are used during both the Base Coat and Finish Coat phases to produce perfect 90 degree internal corners with minimal effort.

They can be used for square set corners or wall-to-ceiling internal corners.

The Intex Angle Heads can be used with an Intex Angle Head Handle to wipe down excess Joint Compound (Plaster) during both Base Coat and Finish Coat phases if required.

Intex Angle Heads are available in 2", 3.0" and 3.5" allowing for various passes over internal corners, feathering out the final Finish coat and feature spring loaded action to compensate for imperfect angles, perfectly riding the wall.

Built TradeTuff from premium grade USA aluminium and stainless steel for longer life.

Replacement Blades are available in sets 2" (TIXAH32), 3" (TIXAH33), 3.5" (TIXAH335).

Intex Angle Head Handles are available in 48" (1219mm) TIX821, and extendable 36" (914mm) to 60" (1524mm) TIX822.

Made in Canada with 5 Year warranty.

All prices are inclusive of GST!


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