Intex Bazooka Drywall Automatic Taper

Simultaneously applies tape and the correct amount of Joint Compound (Plaster) to flat and butt joints on walls, ceilings and internal corners up to 300% faster than taping in by hand!

Crafted for the Drywall Plastering Professionals who are serious about efficiency, increased productivity and ultimate quality in their tools.

The Intex Automatic Taper (Bazooka) has been specifically designed to run at peak performance in the most demanding environments.

Long reach avoiding the need for stilts, stools or scaffolding....safer working.

Easy and efficient cleaning features, including multiple eased disassemble points.

Built TradeTuff these Tapers are manufactured with premium grade USA materials, designed with decades of development and perfecting, producing the smoothest, most efficient, and easy to use Taper available.

Stainless steel and aluminium materials used in manufacture for light weight and maximum durability.

Made in Canada with a 5 Year warranty.

All prices are inclusive of GST!




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