Intex Drywall Compound Applicator Tubes

Intex extra high quality compound applicator tubes with aluminum tube, head, and swap out implement ball.

Feature a smooth syringe action supported by a plunger bushing - Easy push and fill with the long term quality you expect from Intex.

Compound tubes fill like a syringe - simply insert the tube into the compound bucket with the plunger rod collapsed - pulling the plunger rod out fills the tube with compound. Depress the plunger rod to dispense compound. Simply and Easy way to apply compound to the wall.

Intex Compound Tubes work best with:


  • Lightweight Aluminum Tube & Plunger Rod
  • Self lubricating plunger bushing for easy push throughout it's life
  • Long lasting billet aluminum nose cone

Available in 24", 32", 42", 55" lengths

Made In Canada

All Prices Are Inclusive Of GST!


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