Intex Drywall Internal Corner Roller Head

Intex internal corner rollers apply even pressure to speedily and accurately embed paper joint tape into internal corners, ready for the Finishing process.

Used immediately after the Intex Automatic Taper (Bazooka) or once the paper joint tape has been applied, on either wall-to-wall internal corners, or wall-to-ceiling corners.

Firmly embeds the tape with the stainless steel rollers forcing excess joint compound (plaster) out from behind the tape in preparation for the Intex Corner Box (TIX 830)  and Intex angle heads (TIX850) or other hand taping tools.

Unique Delrin wheels are designed to reduce drag on the tape and minimize tool weight.

Pivot head adjusts to angle with ease ensuring a perfect operation every time.

Built TradeTuff these corner rollers are manufactured using premium grade USA hardened stainless steel and a die-cast head, the slickest and most durable of their kind.

Use with Intex Corner Roller Handle 48" (1219mm) TIX811 or Intex Corner Roller Extendable Handle 36" (914mm) to 60" (1524mm) TIX812.

Made in Canada with a 5 Year warranty.

All prices are inclusive of GST!


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