Intex Drywall Direct Corner Flusher Heads

Intex Direct Flushers are ideal for finishing narrow 90 degree angles or side legs. Solid billet machined core provides utmost precision, and body made of surgical stainless steel stays true even with extensive use.

Genuine Stainless Steel runners will not rust or corrode like some competitors, allowing for an extremely clean finish.

Intex Direct corner flushers feature superior locking clip to keep flusher attached and will work with most brands of Applicator Compound Tube but best with Intex TIS024, TIS032, TIS042, TIS055.

  • Surgical Stainless Steel body flexes less and stays reliably true
  • Solid billet core construction for longer life and better finish
  • Will work an any angle head or flusher handle
  • Superior retainer clip to keep flusher on handles

Available in 2.5", 3", 3.5"

Made In Canada

All Prices Are Inclusive Of GST!


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