Intex Drywall Loading Pump

Intex Loading Pump quickly loads your Intex Taping Tools (Boxes, Bazooka) with Joint Compound (plaster).

Use with the relevant attachments (Intex gooseneck TIX730 for Intex Automatic Taper (Bazooka), and the Intex Filler Nozzle TIX720 for the Intex Flat Boxes) for maximum efficiency and essential part of your Intex Auto Tools kit.

Built and crafted exacting air-tight standards makes this the easiest pump to prime, innovative integrated O-ring provides for a perfect seal.

These pumps have been fabricated with an anodised cylinder, durable stainless steel shaft, precision machined cast aluminium head and tough solid billet leg.

20 degree handle angle provides enhanced leverage for less fatigue.

Height 400mm

Made in Canada with a 5 Year warranty.

All prices are inclusive of GST!


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