Kraft Concrete Round End Magnesium Bull Float Light w/out bracket 4 Sizes

Level and smooth a large area of concrete before finishing with this lightweight bull float.
Made of Genuine Extru-Lite Magnesium, which is 30% lighter than aluminum.
The float features multiple ribs for extra strength and reinforced for long wear.
This round end float is "broken-in," curved and properly balance to prevent digging.
The rounded ends keeps the float from digging into the surface while floating the cement.
Each bull float is painted for longer wear.
Kraft Tool's 4 hole brackets Double-Tilt CC294 Action Brackets or Single-Tilt Action Brackets are popular choices for brackets.
Handle choices are determined by the user's choice in bracket.
Made in the USA.
Weight 8.00 LB 3.63 kg

Available in:

36" x 8"
48" x 8"
60" x 8"
72" x 8"

All Prices Include GST!


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