Panellift Drywall Plasterboard Lifter 3.3m Max Ceilings

The Panellift Model 138-2 is the original drywall plasterboard lifter from USA Telpro, Inc.
 Has a low 36 inch (.914m)  loading height and reaches 11 foot (3.35m) ceilings.
Cradle tilts 65° laterally for loading and applying drywall to slopped ceiling and also tilts 10° longitudinally.
Can handle individual 4 foot (1.22m) x 16 ft (4.88m) sheets of drywall and has a load rating of 150 lbs (68kg).
The Panellift 138-2 is very simple to assemble and requires no assembly tools.
A disassembled Panellift will fit easily in a typical automobile trunk. Accessories are available.
Built to last.
5 piece design means you can assemble the Panellift in minutes right out of the box. Dismantled Panellift fits in the boot of your vehicle.
Fast action, single stage winch with silent cam-lock brake makes lifting and holding drywall in place easier and safer.
Tripod base can be hyper-extended to allow the assembled Panellift to roll through a standard doorway.

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