Starmix Dust Extractor Self Cleaning Vacuum for Plaster, Concrete, Wood, Stone

For the toughest heavy-duty continuous use in industry, in the workshop and on the construction site.

For vacuuming directly with electric power tools during drilling, milling, grinding and sawing, concrete, plaster, stone, cement, wood, paints and varnishes (not hazardous dust).

The iPulse vacuum cleaners stand out thanks to the advanced Permanent Clean system.

A highly intelligent electronics measure the current occupancy state of the filter using sensors.

Once the factory preset vacuum value is reached, both of the filters are alternately cleaned within 3.5 seconds using high performance electromagnets, without interrupting work.

Even the most fine and problematic particles of dusts - such as plaster - can be easily removed from the filters.

The benefits: cleaning according to requirements at constantly high air flow, optimum force application on the filter, significantly reduced system costs due to longer filter life and no work interruption necessary to clean filters (saves time and costs).

Made In Germany.

1600 watt
64L/S volume flow at motor head (max)
42L/S volume flow at end of hose
Container volume Gross-Dust-Water 35-25-22
Sound Level 69db
Dimensions CM L 53, W 40, H 55
Weight 15.7kg
Power Cable length 8.0m
Reach 13-14m

Ipulse filter cleaning
Polyester dust retention main filter
Filter bag #411231 (5pack)
Appliance socket
Stepless speed controller
Filter control light
Carry handle with cable hook
Hose fixing
Hose winding & connector fixture
Gentle start
Water level detection
Accessory storage
Antistatic prepared
Made in Germany
12 month warranty

The accessory set EHB is included:

1 x suction hose 35 mm x 3 m

1 x plastic elbow with supplementary air slide

2 x plastic suction pipe (each 50 cm)

1 x crevice nozzle (22 cm long)

1 x connecting sleeve, stepped

1 x dust nozzle 37 with hard floor insert


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