Starmix Vacuum Hepa Filter Hazardous Materials GS/HS Series

Premium "H Class" HEPA filters for vacuuming hazardous industrial dusts, asbestos dust, lead based paint, and other similar substances.

Folded filter cartridge with adhered cellulose filter material and inserted rubber seal, with an extra filter layer for filtering the suspended matter that is not absorbed by the first layer.
This extremely high filtration level brings this filter to the filter class "H Class" HEPA.

Well suited for wet dust and liquids, the special polyester material has an excellent filtration performance and is washable for easy cleaning and long life.


  • 1 x Polyester folded filter cartridge
  • Filter surface: 7200 cm²
  • Material:
    • 1st layer: Cellulose
    • 2nd layer: Glass fiber fleece
    • 3rd layer: Polyester
  • Dust retention: 99,995 %
  • Suitable for Starmix GS / HS-Series

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