Starmix Vacuum Plaster Paint Dust 1200W 32L Plastic Canister

 All Purpose Wet & Dry Vacuum

Features and benefits

  • Large M Class main filter - 3600 square cm of fabric
  • Wet & Dry
  • Heavy duty anti crush 3.2m hose
  • Heavy duty accessory kit
  • Universal adapter for connecting to nearly every tool
  • Bag Free use in non-hazardous applications
  • Carrying handle with cable and hose coil
  • 30 Month Warranty
  • 1200 Watt motor
  • 32 Litre plastic canister
  • Bag Free use in non-hazardous applications
  • Water overfill protection
  • Accessory Storage Kit

The Starmix NTS eSwift vacuum series is a good general cleanup vacuum for wet and dry use.
Lightweight and compact with high airflow (70 liters / second) for quick and easy cleanup around the site.
With a large multi layer main filter (total of 3600 square cm of fabric) the NTS eSwift vacuums will have cope with all your general dust with no problems.

With a heavy duty anti- crush hose, and full cleanup accessory kit, they will handle any cleanup job.

HEPA filters are available for use in hazardous dust applications, eg: lead-based paint removal.

(Not recommended to use with Giraffe drywall sanders, or concrete grinders, or any other application with large quantities of ultra fine abrasive dust)

Accessory Kit - Heavy Duty Included

Replacement Filters and Dust Bags Available

  • Main 'M Class' filter (3600sqr cm) - Part No. 413464
  • Fleece Dust Bag 5pk - Part No. 411231

Alternative Filters and Dust Bags


  • Watt - 1200
  • Max air flow - 70 l/s
  • Max Vacuum - 210 mbar
  • Container:
    • Gross - 32 L
    • Dust - 27 L
    • Water - 20 L
  • Dimensions - L: 39.5 cm x W: 39 cm x H: 56.3 cm
  • Weight - 8.0kg
  • Power cable length - 5m

    All Prices Include GST!

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