Starmix Vacuum Wet Dry Power Socket Plastic Canister 32L NEW

All Purpose Wet & Dry Vacuum with Auto Start Power

Features and benefits

  • Auto start power socket for working with power tools
  • After run to clean hose etc
  • Large M Class main filter - 3600 square cm of fabric
  • Wet & Dry
  • Heavy duty anti crush 3.2m hose
  • Heavy duty accessory kit
  • Universal adapter for connecting to nearly every tool
  • Bag Free use in non-hazardous applications
  • Carrying handle with cable and hose coil
  • 30 Month Warranty
  • 1200 Watt motor
  • 32 Litre plastic canister
  • Bag Free use in non-hazardous applications
  • Water overfill protection
  • Accessory Storage Kit

    The Starmix NTS eSwift vacuum series is a good general cleanup vacuum for wet and dry use.
    Lightweight and compact with high airflow (70 liters / second) for quick and easy cleanup around the site.
    With a large multi layer main filter (total of 3600 square cm of fabric) the NTS eSwift vacuums will have cope with all your general dust with no trouble.

    The NTSA1232EHP has all that the NTS1232EHP has, plus it also has a power socket for connecting sanders, drills and other power tools to it. When on auto mode, this Starmix vacuum will automatically start when the connected power tool starts, meaning you don't have to turn the Starmix vacuum on manually.
    Also, all the Starmix vacuums with 'Auto Start' have the 'After Run' feature; the Starmix vacuum will continue to run for 15 - 20 seconds after the connected power tool is stopped, to clean out the hose.

    With a heavy duty anti- crush hose, and full cleanup accessory kit, they will handle any cleanup job.
    HEPA filters are available for use in hazardous dust applications, eg: lead-based paint removal.

    (Not recommended to use with Giraffe drywall sanders, or concrete grinders, or any other application with large quantities of ultra fine abrasive dust)

    Accessory Kit - Heavy Duty Included
  • 1 x heavy duty anti crush suction hose 35mm x 3.2 m - Part No. 413228
  • 1 x heavy duty floor tool - Part No. 440941
  • 2 x fluted pipes, plastic (each 50 cm) - Part No. 424859
  • 1 x elbow handle, plastic with supplementary air slide - Part No. 424804
  • 1 x crevice nozzle (22 cm long) -Part No. 430690
  • 1 x universal adapter nozzle (23 cm long) - Part No. 425696

Replacement Filters and Dust Bags Available

  • Main 'M Class' filter (3600sqr cm) - Part No. 413464
  • Fleece Dust Bag 5pk - Part No. 411231

Alternative Filters and Dust Bags


  • Watt - 1200
  • Max air flow - 70 l/s
  • Max Vacuum - 210 mbar
  • Container:
    • Gross - 32 L
    • Dust - 27 L
    • Water - 20 L
  • Dimensions - L: 39.5 cm x W: 39 cm x H: 56.3 cm
  • Weight - 8.1kg
  • Power cable length - 5m

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